About the hot-air balloon


Description of the balloon


Type: BB, Model: BB30Z

The hot-air balloon consists of an envelope, a burner, a basket, gas cylinders and other equipment. The envelope is made from polyester and nylon fabric covered with a layer that makes it airtight and UV resistant.

Each envelope is constructed from a number of vertical strips. The number of strips of the balloon depends on the size and design of the envelope.

The balloon envelope is a model Z.  Z-shaped envelopes are the most versatile option for any kind of flying. Z model envelopes are suitable for passenger flights or advertising flights.

The basket is open type K15, which has a capacity for a pilot and 4 passengers on board. It measures 1.35X1.16m and weighs 80kg.

The Ignis burner with a two-block configuration is suitable for the envelope size.

There are also other tools, fuel cylinders, inflator fan and more needed equipment.



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How does the balloon fly?

The balloon flying is based on Archimed’s physical law for the propelling force that applied to the air makes the hot air lighter than the cold, hence the balloon rises to a height.

Flight Planning

Before starting a balloon flight preparation, the pilot must calculate the balloon load and check the weather forecast for the flight location.

The take-off area must be a grassy area large enough to safely stretch the envelope, and without obstacles in the vicinity for safe take-off.

Flight preparation includes assembling the balloon, checking before the burner ignition, briefing with the crew, instructing the passengers, firing the burner